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Termite Control

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Homeowners have been known to pay in excess of $50,000 to treat and repair damage.

Termite (Also Know As White-Ants)

No insurance company in the world will insure an Australia Home/Building against termite infestation or the damage they do.

Not all Pest Companies are termite qualified.

Termites are the most Serious pest of all as they can cost Home/Building owners a lot of stress and money, not just to eliminate but at a greater cost to get a qualified builder to repair the damage to the home/building. Concrete slab structures have a greater risk of termite infestation as termites can mine through even the thickest of concrete slabs.
Some home/buildings have to pay over $100,000 and in extreme cases it is cheaper to demolish and build a new home.
Termites infest Brick/Veneer, Full Brick and Steel framed homes.
Regular Termite Inspection Reports are an essential and should be done as a minimum every 12 months, high risk areas every 6 months.

Termite Inspection Reports

Termite inspection Reports are absolutely essential for Home/Building owners. Every 12 months is the minimum requirements for homes with a current Termite barrier or a Termite monitoring system.
If your home/building does not have a current Termite Barrier or Termite monitoring system or you are in a high-risk Termite area, semi-annual inspection should be considered.

The earlier the termite infestation is detected, the less damage they can do, saving you a lot of money and stress. Most termite qualified pest companies give a 4-page report, Pest and termite give a 5-page report that covers a greater range of Timber destroying pests and situations that make the structure more prone to damp or mould. You Pest and Termite technician has over 18 years of experience in termite control and elimination.

Termite Protection

Pest and Termite use Moisture meters, Borescope and Optical inspection and Termatrac T3i Doppler Radar, Temperature sensing equipment that most companies do not have, if required.

Pest and Termite have been Detecting, Eliminating and Protecting Homes and Buildings from Termite infestation since 2002 with a 100% success rate.